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Age. 27
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. ABC
Location in your nightmares..., CA
School. Other
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I am a Sagittarius. (Also known as "Archer") My Horroscope starts like this:
" Usually a Sagittarius will come off as a blissfully happy idiot. In most cases, this first impression will prove accurate. His/Her moronic enthusiasm cannot be dampened by anything - not even by a cinder block falling on his/her head. " (Read more | Find yours)
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Friday. 7.2.04 10:51 pm

"he's going to get me!!! aaaah!!!" my thoughts every night. ever since i watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre a few weeks ago. and u know what's sad? i didn't even finish watching it. my brother did. he's even more freaked out than i am.

it's about this wacko freak that kills ppl with chainsaws and axes. he tortures them until they're almost dead and then he skins them and takes them apart and stuff. and for each victim, he takes a little bit of their skin and sews it onto this mask that he wears cuz he's missing a nose or something. true story.

i just found out a few days ago that there's also a TCM2 and a TCM3. victor wants to watch them but i'm never going to watch them. linda told me that they never found him and that if he's still alive, he's around 70. that sorta calmed me down but still...

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Monday. 5.3.04 11:02 pm
mood: mad

gaia's down!!!! what shall we do? there's nothing we can do! wait a minute, i've got a plan! o children, where r u? we're over here! a little more to the right? here? almost there? ready? SHOOT HIM!!!!!

hehe...for those of u that ever watched those harry potter puppet pals in newgrounds. i say that too much. my friend lizzy always tries to kill me whenever i say it.

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bad day, again but even worse
Wednesday. 3.17.04 5:59 pm
mood: angry, sad, tired

i spent 5 hours working on my preposition booklet last night. then i woke up at 6:30 to work on it more. and it looks really bad. i'm gonna get a really bad grade. what a waste of time.

the jogathon's on friday. we're doing it different from last year. last year the whole school ran together for like, 4 hours. this year, it's the 6th graders go first for 1.5 hours, then the 7th graders(me) for 1.5 hours, then the 8th graders. we have less time...waaaaa!

by the way, i lost my pe clothes. in big trouble. need to search for them at home.

yay! i found a dime on the floor!

bi now,

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bad day, but not really
Friday. 3.12.04 7:50 pm
mood: happy, but not really

here's all the goody goody stuff that happened today:
i didn't turn in my samurai's daughter project.
the sixies beat us in this really stupid game in pe. turns out we where the only period to lose.
during this tea ceremony demostration by Jamie Turkey and Katia Kasagawa-or-something's moms, they had these chinese/japanese characters on this thingamajig. i said that i could read it and then i read it the wrong way. and i read it the way it would sound in chinese so what Jamie's mom said sounded way different from what i said which was soo embarassing!

might not sound so bad to u cuz u probably have no idea what i'm saying!

i wanna get some pps but i'm too lazy to work for it.

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Wednesday. 3.10.04 7:04 pm
mood: murderous (is that even a word?)

hi. me back. something was wrong with my account for a long time. i hate hannah. she keeps making lies about me and then makes cynthia made and then cynthia tries to kill me. i wanna kill both of them.

bad day today. don't wanna talk about it.


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first day of school
Wednesday. 8.27.03 12:11 am
today was the first day of school. me not too happy. sure, i wanted to go back but my friend only has science and math with me. last year we had the same schedule. oh well, i got a new friend who's almost in all of my classes. we have core (language arts, literature, and social studies), science, and math together. so the only things we don't have that are the same is pe and art. well, actually, i have art and she has french. blah, french, it's impossible. i like spanish more. i should've took spanish. or computers because the teacher's different. last year the computer's teacher was really mean.

last year, jamie owed me a dollar but kept forgetting to repay me. i never forgot about it even once over the summer . hey! i wasn't trying to remember it. i just ignored it the whole time and remembered when i saw her. i forgot what i lended her that dollar for. heh. no matter how hard i try, i can't remember . it must've been something important for me to not just let it go. or it's because jamie wouldn't not let me let her not pay. ooh, confusning . or it's becuase she borrowed so much of my money that i stopped letting her go. yeah, i remembered that she was always borrowing my money.

the school's being remodeled so this year, we're having our classes in these portables. i don't like them that much but at least they're all air conditioned! oh yeah!

this morning was so embarassing! i think my mom likes to embarass me. she made me go to the office to ask for volunteer jobs. i think she just wants to find a way to pick me up late so to not see me and take care of me as much and find a way to embarass me as well. i really think she gave birth to me for carpool. though she could just go with my dad but he's always on a business trip. the day after we came back from china, he went there. usually, i see him about 1 or 2 times a week. seeing him every single day for a whole week would mean something was really wrong.

anyway, as i was saying, i was so freaked out when my mom made me go ask for a job. she wanted me to make a stupid stinkin' resume too! You must pretend that this is real. Or else you will continue being a stupid, useless, spoiled brat and not be able to live in the world by yourself!

i was sort of glad when the teachers said that they were glad to have me volunteer and that they would dig up a job for me. i guess my mom's gonna make me go for the student council too! i'm gonna kill myself before she does that to me. those people sing up there! i can't even smile in front of a crowd of over 10 people. don't even think about a few hundred!!!!!

bi now,

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